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Concerns and Complaints


If you’re not satisfied with your mental health care and want to make a complaint, here are some easy tips to guide you.  

  1. Clearly write down the details- describing what occurred/happened, when it happened, and who was involved.  
  2. Keep records – collect important documents like emails or letters related to your complaint. 
  3. Consider how you would like this to be resolved – think about how things should have been handled differently and note you preferred changes. 
  4. Ask for support – if you are feeling nervous or unsure about how to make the complaint, seek support from a trusted loved one, a lived experience worker, or an external agency.


If your complaint is related to hospital care, your first point of contact should be speaking directly to the hospital or agency involved in the treatment and care.

If this hasn’t been helpful the Mental Health Review Tribunals or Mental Health Commissioners can be good next steps.

A list of services that can assist with the complaints process relating to hospital care can be found by visiting our Hospital Admission and Acute Care page.

Find Your State or Territories Mental Health Complaints Process

The process of complaints is slightly different in each state and territory, but all services and agencies that provide mental health services should have a complaints process.  

Click your location for more information relevant to you.  

Who else can help?

You don’t have to go through the complaints process alone. It is worth noting there are several Mental Health advocacy services available to assist you when making complaints.  Reaching out to these resources can provide the assistance and support you need to navigate the complaints process effectively and ensure that your concerns are addressed appropriately.  


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