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What is Finding North?

Finding North is a place where people across Australia can find hope, it’s not only a website but a tool created to guide people during their journey with the mental health system.

Finding North is an initiative of and proudly supported by Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia (MIFA).

Finding North is for anyone who would like help navigating their way through the mental health system. Whether you are experiencing mental ill health for the first time, have been living with a mental health condition for decades, or are caring for a loved one and seeking answers about how best to support them.

Our hope is that you feel welcome, understood, and supported while you are seeking to understand what you or the person you care about is going through and what options are available.

If you have something you would like to share on our website, you can email Finding North at

If you would like to request to edit or remove your real story, poem or video from the website we invite you to contact us at or via the “Contact Us” page.

Looking for something specific, why not try our search function.

At the top right-hand side of our webpage, you will find the search function. Here you can type in keywords or use the quick search function to select from a number of topics such as mental well-being, relationships, anxiety, and schizophrenia.

Another way to refine the content on our website is by visiting our resource centre. You will find the resource centre next to our search function at the top right-hand side of the webpage. Here you can search specific mental health conditions, treatments and topics by using the drop-down boxes provided.

Not happy with something you’ve seen on the website? Have you noticed an error in our content? Or perhaps you love something you have read and want to share your thoughts.

At Finding North we welcome all feedback, the good, and the areas we need to improve on.

Let us know your thoughts by emailing us at or contacting us via the “Contact Us” page.

If you are

  • having technical issues with a page on the website
  • would like to report a problem with any of the content on the website
  • or would like to request that your real story, poem or video be removed from the website

we invite you to contact us at or via the “Contact Us” page.

Be sure to include details about the issue as well as the exact site URL for the page you are wishing to report.

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