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Suicide Prevention


You may be on this page because you are experiencing thoughts of suicide, or you want to support someone with thoughts of suicide.

Here you will find:

  • Information and videos from people who have similar experiences,
  • Contact details for each state for support, and
  • Links to suicide support and information resources

Content Warning

The following content includes real stories of people who have experienced thoughts of suicide or attempted to end their lives. We share real stories as many people find these helpful to know they aren’t alone and to hear about how other people navigated these challenges.

If you or someone you care about is at immediate risk of harm, call Triple Zero (000)

Emergency Help

I am experiencing thoughts of suicide

If you’re thinking about suicide, your pain may seem overwhelming and permanent. But there are ways to cope with suicidal thoughts and feelings and overcome the pain.

It’s not uncommon for people to experience these thoughts, and while the journey may vary for each person, many have found a path toward healing. It’s important to remember that even though the pain may feel endless, it is temporary. No matter what your situation is, there are people who care about you, you are not alone.

During these challenging times, there are also things you can do to help you get through, people you can speak to, and resources and tools that may be right for you at this time.

Visit Roses in the Ocean to hear from suicide-survivors or read on to see what next steps you can explore.

How can I help myself right now?

If you require immediate assistance, please call 000 or visit the emergency help pages below for direct contacts in your state or territory.

If it is not an emergency explore who you can talk to by clicking on “talk to someone now”.

For additional support options in the state or territory you live in click “explore service options”.

If you or someone you know is in crisis

If you are worried you may harm yourself or someone else, or need immediate help for someone else in this situation:

Please call 000

If you are in distress

Other helplines

Please select a state you live in

Suicide Call Back Service

Available 24/7

1800RESPECT (Domestic Violence Support Line)

Available 24/7

13YARN (First Nations Peoples Crisis Support Line)

Available 24/7

Finding North - Information & Referral Service (Partner organisations)

Available Weekdays 9am-5pm

Defence All Hours Support Line

Available 24/7

MensLine Australia

Available 24/7

Access Mental Health Line

Available 24/7

Canberra Head to Health Centre

Hours vary

NSW Hospital and Health Services

Available 24/7

Penrith Head to Health

From 1pm

NT Mental Health Line

Available 24/7

Darwin Head To Health

Mon to Fri 10 am -10 pm. Weekends 12 pm to 8 pm

Health Direct

Available 24/7

1300 MH Call

Available 24/7

Townsville Head to Health

Weekdays 10am -10pm and Weekends 12pm -10pm

SA Mental Health Triage

Available 24/7

Urgent Mental Health Care Centre (UMHCC)

Available 24/7

Access Mental Health- Helpline Triage

9am - 10pm

Launceston Head to Health

9sm – 5pm Monday to Friday


Available 24/7

Victoria Psychiatric Triage

Available 24/7

Geelong Head to Health

Mon to Fri 9am–9pm. Weekends and Public Holidays 1pm – 6pm

Rurallink -Mental Health Emergency Response Line

Weeknights 4:30pm-8:30pm / 24hrs on Weekends and Public Holidays

Peel -Mental Health Emergency Response Line

Available 24/7

TTY - Mental Health Emergency Response Line

Available 24/7

Metro - Mental Health Emergency Response Line

Available 24/7

Perth Midland head to health

10am - 8pm

Please select a state you live in
Service Options

Additional help and support

If you are ready to take the next step in seeking help but do not require immediate assistance, below is a list of options to get you started:

  • Seek support from trusted family or friends. They can be a source of comfort and guidance, helping you connect with services, whether online or in person or support you in navigating your thoughts and feelings.
  • Speak to your GP about how they can help you. GP’s can support you in creating a mental health treatment plan and refer you to local mental health professionals if needed.
  • Many people can move through experiences of suicidal thoughts and feelings. Finding North believes in the possibility gained from people’s lived experiences. Below are a a handful of resources were you can can hear others share how they have moved through times of suicidal thoughts and continue to do so.

Stories of  Hope. Finding a way through suicidal feelings, Beyond Blue.

Stories of hope, Lifeline.

Resource hub, Roses in the Ocean.

I am worried about someone

Many factors can contribute to someone experiencing thoughts of suicide. Each person is unique, and life events affect us all differently. Listening to a person who has thoughts of suicide is very important and may prevent the need for hospitalisation. If you’re worried about someone, there are services that you can call to discuss your concerns. Calling your local Mental Health Services or helplines can be a good start to finding information and support when you are worried about someone.

Consider participating in Mental Health First Aid, a valuable option that equips you with the skills to recognise and respond to a mental health crisis until professional support can arrive.

Below are some helpful resources for those supporting someone with thoughts of suicide.


Helping Someone Else

Warning Signs

You may be noticing some changes with someone you care about, but are they signs of possible suicidal actions?

  • talking about suicide or having thoughts of suicide
  • isolating themselves
  • giving away their belongings
  • extreme changes in their behaviour

For more information, Beyond Blue & Lifeline provide clear information about the warning signs of suicide.

Emergency Help

I have lost someone to suicide

If you’ve lost someone to suicide, know that you’re not alone in your grief.

Each person copes with grief in their way. Navigating through challenging emotions and thoughts can be difficult during this time, but support is available. Throughout Australia, there are people you can connect with who are ready to provide both comfort and support during these challenging times.


Suicide is something that affects too many of us. There are many resources, stories, and research that you can access. This is just a starting point, but it may begin your journey to understanding suicide, available supports, and prevention.

  • Finding your way back – A resource for people who have attempted suicide, Beyond Blue.
  • Guiding their way back – A resource for people who are supporting someone after a suicide attempt, Beyond Blue.
  • Finding our way back – A resource for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples after a suicide attempt, Beyond Blue.
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