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Beyond the Surface: Understanding Schizophrenia’s Hidden Challenges

Beyond the Surface: Understanding Schizophrenia’s Hidden Challenges

Chris traces his mental health journey back to the mid-70s when he struggled with Dysmorphophobia. In the early 80’s, he faced his first psychotic episode, eventually receiving diagnoses of Paranoid Schizophrenia and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Today, Chris is committed to challenging stereotypes and dispelling misconceptions about schizophrenia by shedding light on its less discussed negative symptoms.

“When someone has a broken leg, it’s evident why they might struggle with tasks like cleaning, shopping, or working. But when it’s a broken mind, the struggles aren’t as visible — leading to misunderstandings about people with schizophrenia.”

The article, “The Invisible Symptoms of Schizophrenia,” co-authored by Chris Lawton and Pam Maroney, aims to tackle the misconceptions surrounding individuals living with schizophrenia and link others to more information about the negative symptoms that some people may experience.

Curious to learn more about the lesser-known symptoms of schizophrenia? Check out the article here.

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