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Finding North Network Announces Perspectives 2024 Program

Finding North Network Announces Perspectives 2024 Program

The launch of the Perspectives 2024 e-symposium program has been officially announced by Finding North Network.

This innovative virtual event, scheduled for March 19th-20th, 2024, emphasises the importance of lived experiences in fostering community connections and driving social change.

In taking part in Perspectives I learnt so much more about myself, my skills, and how I could contribute to be part of collective change.

Perspectives 2022 Speaker

Explore a range of lived experience perspectives with a dynamic line-up of speakers from across the country including Tess Moodie, Estelle Hope, and Mary O’Hagan.

Representing a collective of unique perspectives, this free online event not only promises a thought-provoking exploration of Lived Experience through the art of storytelling but a chance to learn how others have leveraged their lived expertise to drive meaningful change. This unique opportunity is a chance to learn, grow, and connect.

Discover the full speaker line-up and schedule below, or visit Finding North Network to learn more about Perspectives 2024, and secure your spot to attend.

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