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How we feel

How we feel

How We Feel is a free app created by scientists, designers, engineers, and therapists to help everyone better understand their own emotions. Conceived in conjunction with Yale University’s Center for Emotional Intelligence and based on the work of Dr Marc Brackett, HowWeFeel helps you find the right word to describe how you feel, track your emotions and spot patterns over time, and find strategies to help you use your emotions in the moment.

Founded as a science-based nonprofit, How We Feel is made possible by donations from people who are passionate about bringing mental wellbeing to the widest possible audience. Our data privacy terms are clear and easy-to-understand: all of your data is kept on your device unless you opt-in to send an anonymized version of your check-ins to be used in research to help more people.

Whether you are downloading this app in order to build better relationships, make your emotions to work for you, not against you, improve how you handle stress and anxiety or simply to feel better, How We Feel will help you identify patterns through daily tracking and find emotional regulation strategies that will work for you. The How We Feel friends feature allows you to share how you feel with the people you trust most in real time, strengthening your most important relationships.

Filled with step-by-step video strategies you can do in as little as one minute on themes like “Change Your Thinking” to help you address negative thought patterns with cognitive strategies; “Move Your Body” to express and release emotions through movement strategies;”Be Mindful” to gain perspective and minimize the negative impact of misunderstood emotions with mindfulness strategies; “Reach Out” to build intimacy and trust, two important tools for emotional wellbeing, with social strategies.

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