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For Friends

By Norm Wotherspoon
For Friends

There are moments on my journey when the load becomes too much;

When the road becomes too rocky; when my dreams are out of touch;

When I search in vain for certainties of who, and why, and when,

And I feel the pain and loneliness again.

But there’s always someone watching, when I falter on my way,

To lift me up, to comfort me, to help me face the day;

To spend a little time with me, share friendship in a smile,

And I gain the strength to carry on a while.

So I thank the people in my life who lighten up my load,

Who have shared parts of the journey, walked beside me on the road;

For my friends, and for my family, who bring me so much joy,

I thank you for the memories that time cannot destroy.     

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