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Reflections on Ageing

By Norm Wotherspoon
Reflections on Ageing

Now the afternoon is fading with the darkness coming on,

As I sit here and reflect upon just where the day has gone;

I used up my potential well before the autumn moon,

Now my energy is fading, winter night comes on too soon.

All the years that I have wasted, all the dreams left unfulfilled,

Opportunities gone begging, that enthusiasm killed;

I’ve had my ups, I’ve had my downs, I’ve been right through the mill,

Although I never reached the top, and now it’s all downhill.

There isn’t much that I can do to halt the downward slide,

I’ve forsaken my ambitions, my hopes and dreams and pride.

I can only seek forgiveness for the wrongs that I have done,

And walk, ever so gently, into the setting sun.

But wait! It isn’t time yet, for me to walk away,

There’s a flame that burns inside me, every single day;

If I can do just one small thing to ease another’s load

I’ll smile and roll my sleeves up and continue on my road.

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