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Mental Health & Recovery

Mental Health & Recovery

At Finding North, we understand the power that comes from sharing real stories from others who have been there too.

Allow us to introduce you to Hannah Hyatt, a passionate advocate, and Lived/Living Experience Peer Worker, who has devoted her life to improving mental health services and letting others know they’re not alone.

Recently, Hannah launched her own YouTube channel, dedicated to topics of recovery and mental well-being. Through this platform, she generously shares her personal experiences and insights, extending a compassionate hand to those seeking support. On her channel, Hannah candidly discusses what it is like living with Schizophrenia and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), acknowledging the challenges she’s faced along her journey.

I am more than a label

One of Hannah’s most vital messages centres on resilience in the face of setbacks. She wholeheartedly acknowledges that difficult days and relapses are natural parts of the journey, emphasising that they don’t undo any progress that has been made. As she challenges societal stereotypes about mental illness, Hannah declares, ‘I am more than a label.’ She extends an invitation to her viewers to perceive her and others for their true selves – individuals who experience, laugh, learn, and care. Yes, she lives with Schizophrenia, but at the core, she is simply herself.

Watching Hannah’s videos is a powerful reminder that we are not confined by our labels. We are each unique individuals with the capacity to heal, learn, and thrive, regardless of the obstacles life presents.

To watch Hannah’s YouTube channel, visit:

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