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A Girl We’ll Call “D”: Navigating Complex PTSD

Content Warning: The following content may be distressing for some readers and includes references to sexual abuse, including in childhood, and physical violence. The story I will share is my own, a story of a 30 something year old woman, living with Complex PTSD, which I’ll shorted to C-PTSD, and having lived with it since…


A mental health resource designed by young people, for young people. For young people seeking help and those wanting to support them.


Alt2Su (Alternatives to Suicide) provides peer-based support to people who have experienced thoughts of suicide and suicide survivors.

Mental Health & Recovery

At Finding North, we understand the power that comes from sharing real stories from others who have been there too. Allow us to introduce you to Hannah Hyatt, a passionate advocate, and Lived/Living Experience Peer Worker, who has devoted her life to improving mental health services and letting others know they’re not alone. Recently, Hannah…

The Secret Life of Carers with Jamila Rizvi

By Carers Australia The Secret Life of Carers with Jamila Rizvi is a podcast highlighting the unique experiences of Australia’s 2.65 million unpaid carers. You’ll hear stories from everyday people reflecting on their role as a carer, the people they support, and the services they access.

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